We’ve Adopted!!!

After many ups and downs we have successfully adopted! Our new little boy was born 3/12/13 and was 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 20 inches long. We love him so much! And we love the wonderful birth parents who created such a beautiful baby and chose us to raise him.

Our new little boy!

Our new little boy!


Zach’s Birthday Week…

Zach turned 4 on the 29th of January. I can hardly believe I’ve had this boy for 4 years! His birthday was filled with presents and lots of family!

It started on his birthday when we got to take a treat to preschool.  We took donut holes because donuts are his absolute favorite. He thought it was awesome that the kids sang Happy Birthday to him and he got to eat donuts. :)  We then let him open a little present from Mom and Dad (it involved dinosaurs, of course) then we were off to the “soup store” to get his favorite dinner. He had a grilled cheese and soup and ended the night with a big piece of chocolate cheesecake!

birthday cake

On Thursday his Granny Gay took him to the Dinosaur museum and then out to lunch. He was able to pick out any toy he wanted from the museum gift shop. Guess what he chose…


This past Saturday we had all his cousins over for pizza and cake. Dave has been known to go out of his way to create special cakes when the occasion calls for it. This birthday was no exception! He decided to take on quite an ambitious cake this year, and Zach LOVED it!




After some present opening and lots of eating, we headed off to the sledding hill. We’ve got a pretty big sledding hill by our house, and the weather was gorgeous! We were able to play for a long time without freezing. :)

Zach, Cody, and Steve2


Fun in the Snow

We have had a lot of wonderful snow lately in Utah. My little brother Matt and I had the chance to get away and go to the Canyons resort to snowboard this last week. He had been working on doing bigger jumps, 360s, and backflips; and wanted some tips from me. We couldn’t find a very good jump to practice the flips on, but we got to do the other stuff. We had a great day riding together, although I’m still a bit sore.

Then Ashley’s family came up North to play in the snow with us. We took all of the kids sledding yesterday and they had a great time.

Here is Ashley's brother and his family ready to go sledding with us!

Here is Ashley’s brother and his family ready to go sledding with us!

After I got home Zach wanted to dress up like me and go snowboarding!

After I got home Zach wanted to dress up like me and go snowboarding!

The CanyonsThe Canyons
Matt mid 360

Matt mid 360

Cookie Time!

For family night tonight we decided we would make cookies and take them around to some neighbors. Zach’s granny made him an apron a while back, and he was excited to put it on just like mommy! We did keep just a few to eat ourselves :)

Apron Time Mixing with Dad Careful now... Yum!

An apology… and Christmas!

First off, let us apologize for our absence… it’s kind of a long story. But I’ll give you the short version-

Right after Halloween we were matched with a birth mother.  It was a baby girl and she was due right after Christmas.  Everything felt great and we were sure this was our little girl. Until she changed her mind. Our hearts were broken; however, we are confident our little one is out there and we’re back to the search!

Despite the obvious downturn in our holiday, we did have a great time. We went down to my (Ashley’s) family’s house in St. George. We ate lots, played games, enjoyed putting together toys and Zach spend hours with his cousins.  Aren’t they all super adorable?

Christmas Jammies

Santa Claus is the man. He knew exactly what Zach wanted.. some Play Dough, a remote control truck, Candyland, a Nerf Gun, and, the crowning glory, his very own pair of binoculars! Santa also brought all the grandkids wiggle cars with their names on them AND a BIG toy that stays at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  It is a teeter totter that also spins. Let’s just say Santa’s Elves had a GREAT time testing it out that night. :)

Christmas is always such a special time for me. I am reminded of how a baby born in such humble circumstances changed the world. We’re waiting for another baby to change ours.


Don’t miss the Disney pictures below. It’s been such a busy couple weeks that you get back to back posts. Here are Halloween pictures. Zach has been dressing up in his Spider-Man costume for the last 2 months, and he was stoked that he was finally able to wear it outside. I was Wolverine from X-Men and Ashley was Captain America. Our boy has been big into super heroes lately, so we had a lot of fun together. Of course when we got home Zachary had to take advantage of the opportunity to have Spider-Man wrestle Wolverine!